April 14, 2012

Location: Universal City Hilton, CA

Church: First Methodist Church, North Hollywood.

Make up : Marlou Colina Salons

Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol
Your Love is King by Will Young

From the Choir doing a beautiful rendition of a classic Filipino Love Song, a family of talented singers, the warmth, joy and love of the whole family is overflowing. This wedding day needs no introduction, so to those who missed this special day, here is the same day edit slideshow we presented at the reception. Again, to Mark and Christina, Best Wishes!!! Cheers!!!

Engagement Session Slideshow

April 22, 2012 - 7:01 pm

Mark & Tin - A&C Team –

Thank you for the great experience of working with your team. Great job!

Mark & Tin

The Wedding of Peter Szabo and Chelsea Mclennan

{ P E T E R   +   C H E L S E A }

March 31, 2012

Location: The Huntley Hotel & Ocean Blvd., Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA

Church: Santa Monica Community Church

Reception: The Mountain Gate Golf and Country Club, CA

Equipment Used: Canon 5D MK III, 5D MKII, Nikon D4 (for video from Mon Villacorta Films

Video Clips: Mon Villacorta Films

Songs: Faster by: Matt Nathanson

Tonight, Tonight: Originally by The Smanshing Pumpkins, sung by Passion Pit

I’m in Love with you by: Joy Williams

Peter and Chelsea got engaged at the 17th Hole of the Spy Glass hill golf course in Pebble beach, CA. From what I heard, there was a little rain when it happened. We remember our Engagement Session with them here in Los Angeles, it was raining too. Then on their wedding day, it started with cloudy skies and drizzling rain. Can you believe this? Mother nature only visit us usually ten times a year here in Los Angeles and it fell on their big day. But then again, we realized Rain itself is a true blessing. The sky is in sync in celebration of their marriage. In fact when we all arrived at the Santa Monica Community Church, the sun started to peak and shed its light upon the us. It was such a gorgeous day. The Church and Ceremony was perfect. From the exchanging of vows, all the way to the “you may kiss the bride”, one can truly feel the love between this couple.  After the ceremony, we drove down for our pictures session. Where else do you go if you live near the beach?…yes, we headed down to Santa Monica and it was indeed a perfect choice! We will let our images describe how it turned out.  With the sun and perfect breeze continue to be part of our day, we headed down to Mountain Gate Golf Country Club, nope not for Peter to play a quick 9 holes but for the reception. Families and Friends of the couple, who travelled  from different parts of the world, joined us in this special occasion. We have covered quite a number of weddings, and we can say that this one was among our top five. What made it so special is, you can call it a cliche, but “LOVE is truly in the air ” , and really are heart felt. We get goosebumps listening to different messages/speeches given by their close families and friends. This reminds us why we do and love our jobs.  I can sit here and continue to write details, stories from their wedding, but I think it will be better if we show you our SAME DAY EDIT slide show that we have shown at the reception. The best part of our day was seeing the couple and their guests watching our prepared show. Some were emotional and got teary eyed during our presentation. This is the part where we forget all the tiredness we had knowing that our clients,now we call them as FRIENDS, appreciating and congratulating us for a job well done.  Even the guests took time to approach us and telling us that it was a “very well done presentation, unique and very artistic”.  We all know that we are  just the “messengers”, Peter and Chelsea, together with their families and friends, made it happen. LOVE cannot be re-enacted, this couple made our job easier.

April 12, 2012 - 8:59 pm

Kathleen Reilly - Great slide show! It made me cry. Chelsea and Peter, you
both looked awesome and so happy. I wish you many
happy years together!

April 2, 2012 - 5:44 am

Peter - thank you guys so much! amazing work!

Our Canon 5D Mark III has arrived!!

To Better provide quality service to our Brides and Grooms, we have added new upgrades to our equipment. We believe that we should give the best to our clients, that is why aside from attending workshops and seminars to learn new things, we also invest on great equipments! Check out our newly acquired Camera bodies and more advance Lenses….A Pair of Canon 5D MK III along with the new 70-200 2.8 IS are among our purchase. See you at your next event.!


March 3, 2012

Reception: Renaissance Hotel and Spa Hollywood

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Michelle Terrence

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Michelle Terrence

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Michelle Terrence

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Michelle Terrence

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Michelle Terrence

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Michelle Terrence

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Michelle Terrence

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Michelle Terrence

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Michelle Terrence


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