Contemporary, Photojournalistic and Documentary – these are just a few words that describe the true essence of Apple and Cheese Photography.
Aside from shooting our favorite and most precious subject matters; brides and weddings, we come from a world of fashion, sports and celebrity photography where we have been able to uncover and reveal to our audience what events, such as Fashion Week, Movie Premieres, Film Festivals and Music Award Shows,  are all about.

Being based here in the heart of Los Angeles, California, we put together our experiences in both fields to bring the glitz and glam, combined with our unobtrusive yet artistic approach, to your wedding.

It is with great pleasure that we capture the energy, details, excitement and the true emotion of your special day. Through fresh and intimate portraits, together with great composition, we will capture the moments and unravel the vivid story of your wedding to be relived for years and years to come.

Welcome to Apple and Cheese Photography.

**Ping is also Manny Pacquiao’s (#1 best pound for pound boxer in the world) Official Photographer here in Los Angeles.